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confined scribbles

June 2009

L/a/b random walks

December 2008

spiral things

March 2009

lattice squiggles

December 2008

voro lichen

October 2008

intersecting polygons

October 2008

large rings

June 2007

long lines

July 2006

random walks

May 2007

concentric arcs

June-July 2007

voronoi cells

February 2005, and several later dates


August 2006

more voro lichen

January-February 2009

scribbly spirals

October 2009


January 2009

Delaunay triangle SRM

January 2009

long hair

February 2008

voro grid squiggles

January 2008

book covers

December 2007

tangent circles

May 2007

short hair

October 2006

spanning forests

February 2007

curves and crosses

July 2005